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a project for the grokking of concerts in NYC

provides both (1) a script for fetching information about shows and (2) a frontend for displaying the fetched information.

hosted at

a descrption of the very janky way this works

The frontend code is expected to be hosted on a webserver that also knows how to respond to a request for the_raw_list.js. This js file is expected to contain a specifically formatted JSON object which encapsulates all the shows going on for the next X days. This format should be more strictly defined, but it's not, because this is a silly project.

So the way I'm doing this is as follows:

  1. You set up the frontend code behind, say, Apache.
  2. You set up the fetching code in a virtualenv on the same server.
  3. You cron the fetching code's script to run one a day and output a file to the fetching code's js directory.

Boom. You've got an application.

things needed

  • monitoring to see when scrappers stop working when venues' sites' formats change
  • more venues
  • mobile friendly interface (angular material? column layout?)
  • add an all-in-one build/test script
    • closure
    • server-side less css compiling
    • unit tests
  • artist filtering
  • option to hide venues that don't have anything going on
  • cookie-persisted user customization of ui
    • reorder venues
    • hide venues
    • persist last date filter


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