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Simple script to extract the contents of a UnityPackage into a readable file/folder structure.
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UnityPackage Extractor

Extracts files/folders from a .unitypackage file, reading the 'pathname' files it contains to build a "readable" file/folder structure which all the files will be extracted and renamed to match.

Usage input_file [output_path]

input_file should be a .unitypackage file. The part of the filename before the extension will be used as the name of the directory that the packages contents will be extracted to.

output_path is an optional path where the package's files will be extracted to. If omitted, the current working directory is used. If specified, the path should already exist.


This is a pretty bare-bones script which does a very, very minimal amount of error checking. I take no responsibility if you lose files, your computer blows up, etc, as a result of using this script.

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