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Example todo list application that I used for a JavaScript training.
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In 3 steps, you'll have todo_app up and running in your browser from scratch.


1 - Installing node.js and NPM

2 - Run Stylus/CoffeeScript compilers

> make stylus
> make coffee

This will compile .styl to .css and .coffee to .js.
File changes will automatically be recompiled.

If you encounter SSL problems installing npm modules then tell npm to default to http by setting up a .npmrc: > echo "registry =" >> ~/.npmrc

3- Run development server

> make server

In a browser, visit http://localhost:3000/index-dev.html?live.

Why a server?

The development server is JUST for live.js/livereload and Chrome. live.js/livereload uses XHR to automatically reload JavaScript and CSS, Chrome does not allow XHR over the file:// protocol (issue 41024).


Generate specs

> make specs

Run specs (in the browser)

If the server isn't running...

> make server

Visit [http://localhost:3000/spec-runner/index.html]

Deploying Checklist

1 - Compile Stylus/CoffeeScript

> make stylus
> make coffee

2 - Rebuild bootstrap.js and bootstrap.css

> make clean; make

3 - Automated Browser Test

> make specs

In a browser, go to [http://localhost:3000/spec-runner/index.html].

4 - Manual Browser Test

> make server

In a browser, go to [http://localhost:3000] and spotcheck functionality hasn't regressed.

SublimeText Setup

1 - Install this TextMate bundle to get CoffeeScript syntax highlighting:


Extract it in "~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages"

2 Install the SublimeLinter from package control

This will show CoffeeeScript syntax errors in the editor. More information is available at [].

Note: the coffee command needs to be in your path for the the SublimeLinter to work with CoffeeScript.

3 Install the Stylus TextMate bundle

> cp -R node_modules/stylus/editors/Stylus.tmbundle "~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages"

About and Credits

This project was created to train developers how to use a specific flavor of creating rich client side applications centered around Backbone.js. The technologies attached to the backbone are CoffeeScript, require.js for modularity, Stylus for styling and Peter Wong's Cell [] for views. The todo list application was ported from Larry Myers' Backbone Koans [] which was pure JavaScript and Backbone.js.

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