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Active Bounties 🛠 💰

Alby is offering bounties for the challenges listed below. We have bounties for coding and non-coding related topics. Relevant contributions will be reviewed and accepted by active contributors.

If you want to:

  • start working on a bounty
  • ask about the status of a bounty
  • propose a new bounty
  • or if you need help

please reach out to or join our #alby channel on Bitcoin Design discord and let us know.

Before tackling technically more complex bounties please have a look at our contribution guidelines and make sure to talk to us first so we can support you.
Think about creating a concept first. A concept can help to align before any development is done and time wasted.

Currently active bounties

Create a WebLN boost widget

Description: Extract the voting button (e.g. see the story page in a reusable widget that can be embedded in to any website. Similar to Rene's widget. This can be a Boost button that counts up the longer the user presses the button and then sends sats using WebLN.

Payout: 75k sats

Integrate Lightning payments in a music player

Use the Alby OAuth Wallet API to allow users to stream payments from one of the open source music players to the artists.

This bounty needs some research first and we need to check what is possible and then integrate the Alby OAuth API into the players. For example: an idea is to extract lightning payment details (as Alby currently already does) from YouTube channels and videos and allow the YouTube-Music player app or Nuclear player (or some other player) to send payments/boosts to the artists while listening to the tracks.

Also an option could be to add WebLN to a web player like amplitudejs

This first needs some research on what is possible, but we're pretty excited about this and you'll get detailed support from the Alby team.

Payout: 350k sats

Add Value 4 Value to a RSS Reader

Feedbin is a popular hosted and open source RSS reader. Similar to podcast players we can integrate lightning Value 4 Valye payments into an RSS reader. The reader extracts the lightning details (e.g. the keysend information similar to the podcast:value tag) and allows the user to send lightning payments to the author directly from the reader. Integrate WebLN or the Alby OAuth API to make this possible.

Payout: 450k sats

Support keysend payments for tipping options

Description: Alby allows users to tip creators on various platforms like YouTube, Twitter, BitcoinTV, GitHub, etc. Currently this works by sending sats to a lightning address (LNURL). (see this example) Additionally to LNURL we should also support keysend payments. Keysend payments are already supported in Alby so the tipping only has to be adjusted to use the node pubkey additionally to a lightning address/lnurl string.

Issue: #792

Payout: 250k sats

Bounty patrons: anonymous

Add tipping support for Mastodon instances

Description: Mastodon is a free and open sources, federated microblogging service similar to Twitter. There are active Bitcoin related instances, for example: Similar to the tipping feature on Twitter and Vimeo Alby should support tipping of profiles on Mastodon instances.

Issue: #476

Payout: 40k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (40k sats).

Contribute to the translation of Alby

Description: Contribute to the translation of Alby into your language. See here for details

We pay out this bounty based on the number of strings translated. Please send a screenshot from Weblate of that number with

Payout: 80k sats for the translation of all strings into one language.

Developer guides and videos

Description: Alby has useful tools to integrate bitcoin lightning payments into web and mobile apps. Let's write use case specific guides for developers to make it even easier to get started.
This bounty is for any guide contributions of any form. This can be for example written or as a video.

  • How to accept lightning payments for my e-commerce website using an Alby lightning address to request a lightning invoice and Alby tools to verify payments

Payout: 80k sats

Guides and video guides for users

Description: Our goal should be to make it as easy as possible for new users to get onboarded and learn how to setup and use Alby. For this Alby needs better user guides. This bounty is for any guide contributions of any form. This can be for example written or as a video. Here are a few ideas:

  • How to connect Alby to your LND node
  • How to receiving sats for YouTube (or Soundcloud, or ...) channels and videos
  • How to setup your WordPress website to receive lightning payments (paywall or tips)
  • How do podcasting 2.0 Value 4 Value payments work and how are they set up
  • How to enable Value 4 Value payments for your website

Payout: 40k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (160k sats).

Contribute to Alby's bounty program

If you want to support Alby's bounty program, please donate here.

We would appreciate your contribution a lot! 🙏

Past, claimed bounties

Create a Liquid Network web wallet

Building a Liquid Network web wallet that could be used with the Alby Extension and its APIs. It can be a new wallet or it can be build upon louisinger's web wallet, which is open-source.


  • Submitted wallet should be a fully functioning Liquid Network wallet working in a browser
  • Wallet should allow to manage both bitcoin and assets issued on Liquid
  • Wallet should bee characterised with smooth UX that can be easily used by a variety of users
  • Wallet should have a state of the art UI comparable to other web wallets in order to be attractive to users

Nice to have:

Payout: 2.1 mln sats

Bounty patrons: Blockstream (1.05 mln sats)

Value 4 Value web-player with boost and sats streaming option

Description: Many podcasts integrate lightning based Value 4 Value payments that allow listeners (with a player that supports it) to stream payments and send boostagrams to the podcaster. All this based on open standards. This bounty is to integrate the WebLN JavaScript interface into a web audio player that allows podcasters to embed their episodes on their websites and listeners to send boosts from the web. See for example the player on As player could be used: shikwasa or amplitudejs or howlerjs for example.

Payout: 175k sats

Create a Bitcoin Lightning monetization plugin for peer-tube

Description: PeerTube is a free and open-source, decentralized, federated video platform. For example BitcoinTV uses peer-tube to provide their great service. Alby already supports tipping to Lightning Addresses on Twitter, YouTube and BitcoinTV. But a native integration of Lightning payments into peer-tube instances would allow much more functionalities for visitors and creators. You can think of a Wordpress widget for accepting Lightning payments but for video platforms running on peer-tube.

Payout: 400k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (300k sats) - anonymous (100k sats)

Add value4value payments to

Description: Alby now supports keysend payments and this means we can now support podcast value4value payments. The has a nice web app and player to show podcast details and play the episodes. Example page: Einundzwanzig We could add "boost" buttons to allow users to send payments while listening to the episode or simple to send sats to each of the listed recipients. This should be simple keysend payments to the node keys that the podcastindex already shows.

Payout: 200k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (100k sats) - anonymous (100k sats)

Add tipping support for Reddit profiles

Description: Similar to the tipping feature on Twitter or Vimeo Alby should support tipping of profiles on Reddit. Alby can extract lightning address details from the user profile (e.g. /user/derbumi)

Issue: #596

Payout: 40k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (40k sats).

Add tipping support for Medium profiles and articles

Description: "Medium is a place to write, read, and connect". Similar to the tipping feature on Twitter or Vimeo Alby should support tipping of articles and profiles on Alby can extract lightning address details from the article and author profile

Payout: 40k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (40k sats).

Add support to display amounts in fiat currencies

Description: Alby currently is hyperbitcoinized and only displays amounts in Satoshis. For the user that are not yet hyper-bitcoinized we should provide an option to convert the Satoshi amount to fiat amounts. The user should be able to configure the preferred currency and all amounts should be additionally converted to fiat.

Issue: #597

Payout: 300k sats

Bounty patrons: Einundzwanzig Community (250k sats) - anonymous (50k sats)

Linux installer for the Alby companion app

Currently worked on. PR:

Description: To connect to nodes behind Tor Alby uses a so called native companion app. For Windows and for MacOS we have installers to copy the executable and configure the browser to use the companion app. This is missing for Linux. This is basically a simple app that copies some files and generates a browser specific JSON file.

Issue: ping us if you're interested in working on this.

Payout: 250k sats

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