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Versatile browser extension to consume and directly reward content or services online based on Bitcoin/ Lightning. ⚡️

Hi there! 👋

Welcome to Alby, where the future building blocks for bitcoin are laid. 🐝 We are a small team with dozens of contributors. You are welcome to become one of them! Our mission is to build bridges - between users and apps, the web and Bitcoin, and most importantly, between technological freedom and innovation. We envision a world where bitcoin experience is seamless, transparent, and accessible to all. That's why we hope our tools will make innovation in Bitcoin easy and limitless.

We equip users and developers with tools and APIs for effortlessly integrating Bitcoin into apps and web platforms, eliminating the complexities of direct Bitcoin handling. Initiated as an open-source endeavor, we continue to co-create and refine our tools in collaboration with the community. 👥

For docs and APIs, check out our 👨‍💻 DEVELOPER PORTAL 👨‍💻 - it is the Bitcoin & Nostr toolkit for you, overview of our tools. For user guides and developer guides, check out 🤓 ALBY GUIDES - where you can find answers to FAQ and various how-tos.

Our projects:

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Join us on this exciting Bitcoin adoption & innovation journey! 🚀🌌

Wanna talk? 👥 Every second Thursday we are hosting our Community Calls, in which our team, users and builders join to discuss updates in the space, demo new projects and hang out with our community. We stream them on #Nostr. 📞 For any other question can also book private calls with our core contributors.

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Whether you're looking to integrate, contribute, or just explore, this repository is for you. Together, let's shape the future of Bitcoin integration, fostering a perfect harmony between freedom and tech.

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  1. lightning-browser-extension lightning-browser-extension Public

    The Bitcoin Lightning Browser extension that connects to different wallet interfaces and brings deep lightning integration to the web

    TypeScript 522 191

  2. lndhub.go lndhub.go Public

    Accounting wrapper for the Lightning Network. It provides separate accounts for end-users. (LndHub compatible API written in Go)

    Go 85 22

  3. nostr-wallet-connect nostr-wallet-connect Public

    Nostr Wallet Connect (NIP-47) application to allow apps to connect to your node

    Go 96 29

  4. js-sdk js-sdk Public

    JavaScript SDK for the Alby OAuth2 Wallet API and the Nostr Wallet Connect API.

    TypeScript 58 14

  5. js-lightning-tools js-lightning-tools Public

    Collection of helpful building blocks and tools to develop Bitcoin Lightning web apps

    TypeScript 29 10

  6. pkgzap pkgzap Public

    ⚡️ View funding information of your dependencies and tip them via lightning

    JavaScript 7 2


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