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STEP 3 - Submitting an app

⚠️ This tutorial is out of date for 2v05 and later Bangle.js firmwares. Check out instead⚠️

  • Fork

  • You can either edit it using GitHub or can clone locally and edit

  • To test, enable 'GitHub Pages' on the master branch in GitHub settings

  • First, make sure the 7 (or less) character ID you chose in Step 2 isn't already in - we were using timer

  • Now add the JSON you had (without .write) to apps/timer/my-timer.json

  • Now, add the JS you had (without .write) to apps/timer/my-timer.js

  • For the UI, let's add an icon - most icons are 48px. A quick, easy source of these is Most icons used are from the 'Color' group, for example

  • Download the icon and save to apps/timer/my-timer.png

  • And now, we need to describe it for the UI. Open apps.json and add:

{ "id": "timer",
  "name": "My Timer",
  "icon": "my-timer.png",
  "description": "An Analog Clock",
  "tags": "",
  "storage": [

More info on what's allowed here is at

But you're basically good to go. If you updare your repo and go to you can now try your own personal app loader and see if it uploads your app properly. If it does, you could issue a PR!


We added an icon for the UI, but not for the watch itself. The watch doesn't have a PNG decoder (and doesn't have much memory), so we need to convert the image to a low bits-per-pixel version first.

  • Head to
  • Upload the png icon you saved to apps/timer/my-timer.png - it should be 48px
  • Choose 4 bit Mac palette from the 'Colours' drop down
  • If the preview looks bad, experiment with 'Diffusion' settings, or worst case you can move to 8 bit Web Palette but this will use twice as much memory
  • Choose Image String from Image Object
  • Click Use Compression

Now copy the require("heatshrink").decompress(atob(...)) text (but not var img =) and paste it into a file called apps/timer/my-timer-icon.js

Add this line to apps.json under "storage":


And you're done! Your app now has an icon!