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Rust bindings to wgpu native library
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This does not include items re-exported from wgpu-native. We also still need examples, comprehensive panic documentation, etc.

Co-authored-by: Mac O'Brien <>
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This is an idiomatic Rust wrapper over wgpu-native. It's designed to be suitable for general purpose graphics and computation needs of Rust community. It currently only works for the native platform, in the future aims to support WASM/Emscripten platforms as well.


Cube Shadow vange-rs Brawl


The library requires one of the following features enabled in order to run any of the examples:

  • "vulkan"
  • "metal"
  • "dx12"
  • "dx11"

These examples assume that necessary dependencies for the graphics backend are already installed. For more information about installation and usage, refer to the Getting Started gfx-rs guide.

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