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1019: Match upstream API changes for IndexFormat r=kvark a=kejor


Match upstream API changes for IndexFormat.

- `index_format` from `VertexStateDescriptor` is now a `Option`
- `RenderCommand::SetIndexBuffer` now has a `index_format` attribute
- The index format for execution is now set when matched both `RenderCommand::SetPipeline` and `RenderCommand::SetIndexBuffer`.

Tested with the examples of kejor/wgpu-rs@e5f82a2


Should I implement this?

Co-authored-by: kejor <>

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This is an active GitHub mirror of the WebGPU implementation in Rust, which now lives in "gfx/wgpu" of Mozilla-central. Issues and pull requests are accepted, but some bidirectional synchronization may be involved.


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This is the core logic of an experimental WebGPU implementation. It's written in Rust and is based on gfx-hal with help of gpu-alloc and gpu-descriptor. See the upstream WebGPU specification (work in progress).

The implementation consists of the following parts:

  • - internal Rust API for WebGPU implementations to use
  • - Rust types shared between wgpu-core, wgpu-native, and wgpu-rs
  • player - standalone application for replaying the API traces, uses winit

This repository contains the core of wgpu, and is not usable directly by applications. If you are looking for the user-facing Rust API, you need wgpu-rs. If you are looking for the native implementation or bindings to the API in other languages, you need wgpu-native.

Supported Platforms

API Windows 7/10 Linux & Android macOS & iOS
DX12 ✔️
Vulkan ✔️ ✔️
Metal ✔️
OpenGL 🚧 🚧

✔️ = Primary support — = Secondary support — 🚧 = Unsupported, but support in progress

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