4.1 Extensions

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Preferences alone are not enough. Extensions can be more powerful, such as offering whitelists/blacklists and more granular control. This may allow you to set a preference at a deny-all level, but get back functionality on sites where you need it. An extension can also solve issues where the browser itself has no current solution. This list covers privacy and security related extensions only. While we believe these are the very best of the best, this can be subjective depending on your needs. We are also not saying you have to use all these extensions.

Also, see this sticky issue which has some information and ideas/strategies on how prefs and extensions can clash or enhance one another.

If you would like to submit a privacy or security related extension to be added to this list, please post the details here for consideration, thanks.

:small_orange_diamond: Extensions

These are all, where applicable, best configured to deny-all and whitelist.

:small_orange_diamond: Extensions [Tools]

These extensions will not mask or alter any data sent or received, but may be useful depending on your needs

:small_orange_diamond: Don't Bother...

  • Ghostery, Disconnect, Privacy Badger
    • They add nothing uBlock Origin doesn't already cover
  • Chameleon, Privacy Possum or any other extension that raises entropy
    • We support lowering entropy. UA spoofing is best left to privacy.resistFingerprinting

:small_orange_diamond: Legacy Extensions

  • NoScript 5.x Privacy
    • Yes, there is a FF57+ non-legacy version. For FF57+, use uMatrix in some hardened configuration instead. This may not be a total replacement, as NoScript might offer some unique protections debatable: eg: ClearClick, ABE see here, XSS really debatable
  • Greasemonkey 3.x | GitHub
    • Yes there is a FF57+ non-legacy version. We recommend Violentmonkey.
  • SSleuth | GitHub | Extension Info & 1322748
    • Visual urlbar color/rating and one-click information on ciphers, PFS, SSL/TLS and CAs
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