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Header Editor

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An extension which can modify the request, include request headers, response headers, redirect requests, and cancel requests.

It's 100% FREE, no ADs, no data collection.

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About Permissions

Header Editor require those permissions:

  • tabs: Open links (such as the options page) or switch to a tab

  • webRequest, webRequestBlocking, _all_urls_: Modify requests

  • storage, unlimitedStorage: Storage rules and settings

  • unsafe-eval: Execute custom function, code at src/share/core/rule-utils.ts#L8 (may change in the future, you can search for the newest location by new Function)


Contribute codes: Submitting a pull request

Thanks to them for their contribution: YFdyh000 iNaru


English: Please submit a issue or pull request for file locale/original/messages.json

Other language: Please translate them on Transifex

Please note that some languages (such as zh-Hans) will not be translated on transifex because the browser does not support them, click here to view full list

How to build


  • Install node (14+) and pnpm.

  • Clone this project, or download the source code and extract it.

  • Run pnpm i.

  • Run npm run build

  • Find build result at /dist


  • Run npm run start

  • Open browser, load extension from /dist directory or /dist/manifest.json


Copyright © 2017-2023 FirefoxBar Team

Open source licensed under GPLv2.