Manage browser's requests, include modify the request headers and response headers, redirect requests, cancel requests
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Header Editor

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An extension which can modify the request, include request headers, response headers, redirect requests, and cancel requests.

You can get this extension from Mozilla Add-ons and Chrome WebStore

But if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, you should install our self-distributed version.

This is a WebExtension. Require Firefox 52 or later.

For more documentation, Please visit wiki


You can contribute codes by submiting a pull request.

You can also help us to translate this extension on transifex.

How to build

  • Download WebExt-build-tool and configure it

  • The config of Header Editor is like this:

"he": {
	"basic": {
		"dir": "X:/Code/HeaderEditor",
		"output": "{EXT_DIR}/build/output",
		"ignores": [".git", ".vscode", "build", "manifest", ".gitignore", "", "LICENSE", "manifest.json", "manifest_t.json"],
		"custom": "{EXT_DIR}/build/custom.js",
		"version": {
			"firefox": 0,
			"amo": 0,
			"chrome": 0,
			"webstore": 1
	"locales": {
		"dir": "{EXT_DIR}/_locales",
		"type": "transifex",
		"placeholder": "{EXT_DIR}/build/locales_placeholder.json",
		"default": "en",
		"languages": ["zh_CN", "zh_TW", "pt_BR"],
		"editable": "{EXT_DIR}/build/editable.json"
	"ext": {
		"version": "3.0.3",
		"filename": "HeaderEditor-{VERSION}",
		"gecko": {
			"manifest": "{EXT_DIR}/manifest/firefox.json",
			// Omit some information
		"crx": {
			"manifest": "{EXT_DIR}/manifest/chrome.json"
	// Omit some information
  • Run node build.js he



File/Directory LICENSE GitHub
scripts/browser-polyfill.js MPL 2.0 mozilla/webextension-polyfill
third-party/mdl Apache 2.0 google/material-design-lite
third-party/material-design-icons Apache 2.0 google/material-design-icons
third-party/dialog-polyfill BSD 3 GoogleChrome/dialog-polyfill

Everything else:

Copyright © 2017-2018 FirefoxBar Team

Open source licensed under GPLv2.