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EmberScript is a CoffeeScript-derived language which takes advantage of the Ember.js runtime. Ember constructs such as Inheritance, Mixins, Bindings, Observers, etc. are all first-class citizens within EmberScript.


class PostsController extends Ember.ArrayController
  trimmedPosts: ~>
    @content.slice(0, 3)

compiles to:

var PostsController;
var get$ = Ember.get;
PostsController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
  trimmedPosts: Ember.computed(function () {
    return get$(this, 'content').slice(0, 3);

For a more comprehensive list of live examples, check out the main EmberScript website.

Is this ready to use?

For the most part, but use at your own risk. See the todo list for details. It is recommended to use EmberScript side by side with javascript and/or coffeescript.


Ruby on Rails

If you are using Rails as your backend, simply add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'ember_script-rails'

All assets ending in .em will be compiled by EmberScript.


sudo npm install -g ghempton/ember-script
ember-script --help


make -j build test
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