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Released 20100629 - Garrett Honeycutt - GPLv2

postfix            - base class common for all postfix types
postfix::client    - used on all clients
postfix::rt        - mail server for RT (Request Tracker)
postfix::pflogsumm - pflogsumm for postfix stats

This class needs to be refactored. There are a lot of things going on in this module
that I am not too pleased with, however it does work quite well and has been used in
many production environments.

# Definition: postfix::post_files
# setup postfix with a custom and 
# Actions:
#   setup postfix with a custom and
# Sample Usage:
#   post_files { "client": }

# Definition: postfix::postalias    
# postalias will run postalias on your alias file. If you do not specify one
# the default of /etc/postfix/aliases is used.
# Parameters:
#   $aliasfile - path to an alias file, defaults to /etc/postfix/aliases
# Requires:
#   a file{} of your aliases already defined
# Sample Usage:
#   postalias { "client": }
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