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Functional reactive HTML 5 logic game


Long ago, in 2001, I created the very first version of Solvenius: it was a simple videogame, written in Visual Basic 6, but still contained most of the game dynamics - in particular, the user had to deduce sequences of digits, à la Mastermind.

About fifteen years later, I discovered Elm, a functional reactive programming language: after the initial difficulties due to the new paradigm, I was definitely excited about the actual simplicity and the well-structured nature of the Elm architecture, so I wanted to try it on a project I knew very well - why not Solvenius?

This new version of Solvenius employs not only Elm, but also CSS 3 (especially the brilliant flex layout and media queries), to further decouple model and view and dramatically increase portability.

A dedicated Android app is also available on Google Play - with source code on GitHub.

I hope you will enjoy this latest version of Solvenius! ^__^

Running the game

Solvenius is an HTML 5 game - which makes it compatible with a wide range of devices.

You can run it just by pointing your web browser to:

Online help

The game is fairly straightforward - but you can find detailed instructions in the online help, accessible from the title screen.

Frequently asked questions

  • What's new in this major version?

    • Solvenius is now an HTML 5 game, running on several operating systems and devices! ^__^

    • The formulas underlying score and time gains are totally new, to make the game more interesting

    • People that cannot distinguish some colors can play comfortably, as feedback sequences also employ text styles, not only colors

    • Last but not least, Solvenius 3 is based on a radically new development paradigm: functional programming! ^__^

  • "Solvenius" - what does that mean?

    Solvenius is a contraction of solving genius - focusing on the deductive nature of the game and the fact that everyone can master its mechanics by applying inferential reasoning! ^__^

Music credits

NOTE: the original MP3 has been compressed when creating the game.

Special thanks

The author would like to thank - in order by surname:

  • Massimiliano Corsini: for his valuable testing of both the HTML 5 and the Android version

  • Alberto La Mantia: for suggesting that game clues on sequence attempts should employ not only colors but also other visual elements

  • Kevin MacLeod ( for the excellent soundtrack

  • Salvatore Munaò: for his valuable testing of both the HTML 5 and the Android version

  • Ivano Pagano: for suggesting keyboard input support

  • Carmen Squillaci: for her valuable testing and suggestions on the Android version

  • Paolo Tagliapietra: for his suggestions and infrastructural support for an older major version (Solvenius 2)

Further references