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wifimgr minor(fast_reauth config)


I want to use wifi easily at cafe!

It's a shell script based on freebsd installer wlanconfig!

/bin/wifimgr               default
/bin/wifimgr -l/list       use saved configured network, do not scan. So make sure the AP exist.
/bin/wifimgr stop          stop wifi connection
/bin/wifimgr reconfig      re-configure device
/bin/wifimgr newconf       create new /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
/bin/wifimgr addif         if not set rc.conf wlan configure; means does not exist wlan0 currently.
/bin/wifimgr ns  set this nameserver
/bin/wifimgr help/-h/--help

usually, run wifimgr without any argument is fine!

And Backup your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf before you know about this script.
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