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Gitcoin is a constellation of Ethereum-based smart contracts designed to Push Open Source Forward. Learn more at

Star and watch this github repository to stay up to date, we're pushing new code several times per week!

Why cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency allows end-users to send tips and issue funding for Github Issues without

  • bureacracy
  • trusted intermediaries
  • international payment fees
  • credit card fees
  • plus it allows funding in ERC20 tokens!

More about how/why cryptocurrency here

What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is an open source distributed network that makes it easy to monetize your work in open source software.

Network Values, Mission, and Culture

Read about our culture and mission here

Open Funded Issues

View our open funded work via this link:


A tip is a tool to send ether or any ethereum token to any github account. The flow for tips looks like this:

Send (party 1) => receive (party 2)

Funded Issues are a way to fund open source features, bugs, or security bounties. The flow for funded issues looks like this:

Fund Issue (party 1) => claim funds (party 2) => accept (party 1)

What kinds of issues make great funded issues?

Gitcoin supports bug, feature, and security funded issues. Any issue that you need done is a good candidate for a funded issue, provided that:

  • It’s open today.
  • The repo README clearly enumerates how a new developer should get set up to contribute.
  • The task is well defined.
  • The end-state of the task is well defined.
  • The pricing of the task reflects (market rate * complexity) of the task.
  • The issue is on the roadmap, but does not block other work.

To get started with funded issues today, it might be good to start small. Is there a small bug that needs fixed? An issue that’s been open for a while that no one is tackling? An administrative task?

Post your issue on the Issue Explorer.

Project Repos

Adding your token to Gitcoin.

Have an ERC20 compatible token that you'ud like to add support for? Great!

Here is an example of how to do it

Getting Started

Check out the developer guide at

Check out the repo maintainer guide at

Check out the Case Study doc at

Dogfood Gitcoin

Here's a list of active Funded Issues that were made for building gitcoinco.

About the team

Kevin Owocki has a BS in Computer Science, 15 years experience in Open Source Software and Technology Startups. He is a volunteer in the Boulder Community for several community organizations, and an avid open source developer. His work has been featured in TechCrunch, CNN, Inc Magazine, The New York Times, BoingBoing, WIRED, Forbes, and TechDigest.

Also, we are hiring!


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