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GitEvents is a GitHub Action that helps your organizers with templates, interacts with your community members and automates typical event-related tasks such as sending tweets and emails.


Auto Invite

The basic idea behind "git events" is that every person who interacts with the repo becomes a member of the organization/community. By becoming a member, people get GitHub notifications from your organization, which makes it easier for organizers to reach people and promotes interaction between your community.



GitEvents App

The short version

  1. Create App
  2. Install App for your organization/repo
  3. Retrieve App ID
  4. Retrieve Private Key
  5. Retrieve Installation ID

In Detail

All comments, labels etc. will be managed by a GitHub App. You create the App yourself on the Organization account:

Create GitHub App

Replace ORGANIZATION with your organization name, such as CyprusJS, BarcelonaJS etc.

register a new github app

Follow the link above and you don't need to make any changes except the name. Pick a name, scroll down and create the App. After successful creation, you get to the App Settings screen. Scroll down to the section "Private Key" and create a key (it is downloaded immediately).

create a new private key

Head to the menu entry "Install App" and install the app in your organization.

install app

Copy the App ID (GE_APP_ID), the installation ID (from the "Installed GitHub Apps", GE_APP_INSTALLATION_ID ) and the private key (GE_APP_PRIVATE_KEY) into the repo settings -> "Secrets":

repository secrets

Installation & Usage

name: GitEvents

      - main
    types: [opened, edited]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: actions/setup-node@v2.4.1
          node-version: 12
      - name: gitevents
        uses: gitevents/action@v1.1.0
          enable-auto-invite: true
          gitevents-app-id: ${{ secrets.GE_APP_ID }}
          gitevents-app-private-key: ${{ secrets.GE_APP_PRIVATE_KEY }}
          gitevents-app-installation-id: ${{ secrets.GE_APP_INSTALLATION_ID }}

Create a commit with the message "Enable GitEvents" to run the setup script. This will delete all labels and create GitEvents labels, issue templates etc.

If everything went well, you should receive comments from your GitHub App/Bot:

gitevents comment on issue


Licensed under MIT.

Here is a list of all the licenses of our production dependencies: