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# Description:
# Allows Hubot to translate text into various dialects
# Dependencies:
# "htmlparser": "1.7.6"
# "soupselect: "0.2.0"
# Configuration:
# None
# Commands:
# hubot dialectize|dialect|dia <dialect>|help <text> - Translates the given text into the given dialect
# Author:
# facto
Select = require("soupselect").select
HtmlParser = require "htmlparser"
#TODO: get this dynamically?
dialects = ["redneck", "jive", "cockney", "fudd", "bork", "moron", "piglatin", "hckr", "censor"]
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /(?:dialectize|dialect|dia) (\w+)(.*)/i, (msg) ->
[dialect, text] = msg.match[1..2]
if dialect in ["help", "h"]
return unless text
trim text
return unless text.length > 0
if dialect in ["all", "a"]
showDialectizedText(msg, dialect, text, true) for dialect in dialects
else if dialect is "hacker"
dialect = "hckr"
showDialectizedText(msg, dialect, text, false)
showDialectizedText = (msg, dialect, text, showPrefix) ->
msg.http("" + encodeURIComponent(dialect) + "&text=" + encodeURIComponent(text))
.get() (err, res, body) ->
handler = new HtmlParser.DefaultHandler()
parser = new HtmlParser.Parser handler
parser.parseComplete body
result = Select handler.dom, ".dialectized_text p"
return unless result
dialectizedText = trim result[0].children[0].raw
dialectizedText = "#{dialect}: " + dialectizedText if showPrefix
msg.send dialectizedText
showHelp = (msg) ->
msg.send "Dialects: " + dialects.join(", ")
trim = (string) ->
return string.replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g, '')
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