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Easiest app/database deployment platform and webserver package for your NodeJS, Python, PHP applications. No Docker, nginx knowledge required!   Tweet


Seriously! Who should care about CaptainDuckDuck?

  • A [web] developer who does not like spending hours and days setting up a server, build tools, sending code to server, build it, get an SSL certificate, install it, update nginx over and over again.
  • A developer who uses expensive services like Heroku, Microsoft Azure and etc. And is interested in reducing their cost by 4x (Heroku charges 25$/month for their 1gb instance, the same server is 5$ on vultr!!)
  • Someone who prefers to write more of showResults(getUserList()) and not much of $ apt-get install libstdc++6 > /dev/null
  • Someone who likes installing MySQL, MongoDB and etc on their server by selecting from a dropdown and clicking on install!
  • How much server/docker/linux knowledge is required to set up a CaptainDuckDuck server? Answer: Knowledge of Copy & Paste!! Head over to "Getting Started" for information on what to copy & paste ;-)

You code your app, Captain does the rest!

Captain is a modern automated app deployment & web server manager. It's blazingly fast and very robust as it uses Docker, nginx, LetsEncrypt, NetData.

  • Deploy apps in your own space (Node js, PHP, Python, Java literally any language!)
  • Deploying one-click apps is a matter of seconds! MongoDB, Parse, MySQL, WordPress, Postgres and many more.
  • Ability to secure your services over HTTPS for FREE, ability to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Many ways to deploy: upload your source from dashboard, use command line captainduckduck deploy, use github, bitbucket, gitlab and other webhooks to automatically trigger a build upon git push
  • Attach more nodes and create a cluster in seconds! Captain automatically configures nginx to load balance.
  • Simple interface for many docker operations: exposing container ports to host, setting up persistent directories, instance count and etc.
  • Optionally fully customizable nginx config allowing you to enable HTTP2, specific caching logic, custom SSL certs and etc.
  • Focus on your apps! Not the bells and whistles just to run your apps!

Getting Started!

For a detailed tutorial, please see

Captain Workflow in One Picture


Captain Architecture in One Picture


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