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I've updated tup to, in theory, work with FreeBSD. At the very least, FreeBSD compiles now, whereas earlier it would bomb out. I can't promise much more than that because I have no way of using FUSE in this environment.

@sean- sean- Get tup to compile on FreeBSD.
I need to poke the author to figure out why fuse is being used just to check atimes. Aside from dragging in pkg-config(1), adding a dependency on fuse(!!!!!) for a build tool tweaks me in all the wrong ways.

With tup-0.7.2, the part of executes fine on FreeBSD-10. The issues are in the following phase, where build/tup is run. There are lots errors like:

tup error: Unable to truncate() files not created by this job.

This is with FreeBSD-10's native FUSE code.

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