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Cannolo is an API documentation generation tool. It parses Markdown files to generate the documentation. Panino runs on Node.js, and uses Jade as its templating engine.

Panino parses your content following a strict, no-crap-allowed grammar that ensures correct and consistent documentation, because you've written it following a specific syntax. This means that there is a very specific set of rules and expectations as to how to write your documentation. These rules are not terribly hard or unweildly. Keeping documentation parsed through a grammar ensures thorough and consistent docs, no matter who it's written by.

It parses your files using the pdoc-notation for documentation. This blog post identifies some of the advantages over other commenting-to-documentation systems. The pdoc system was originally based on ndoc.

For more help, including syntax and tag definitions, see the docs.


  • Creating a separate page for every class
  • Support for proper "[[ ]]"-notation linking (_e.g. [[]] renders to a link wrapped in a <code> tag)
  • Adding "shortened" descriptions, truncating the full description into a single sentance
  • Ability to linkify everything (object types in signatures, return types, e.t.c.)
  • Allowing to specify a URL to retrieve documentation about global objects (like Array or String)
  • Support for content references (or conrefs). Conrefs are a way to write a sentance once, and refer to it in multiple locations.
  • Documentation runs through a test suite to ensure the validity of all links and images
  • Support for arbitrary metadata on classes and members (that can be used in templates)
  • Support for arbitrary Markdown-to-HTML page conversion

Markdown is converted using marked.