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Fast Project Setup Using Tmux and Tmuxinator

This repository contains the Tmuxinator configuration files used to setup Tmux sessions for all the research papers, presentations, and software development projects of Gregory M. Kapfhammer. If you would like to learn more about Tmuxinator, then please visit the Tmuxinator site. Essentially, Tmuxinator allows you to write configuration files that support the quick and repeatable setup of a well-structured Tmux session. If you are new to Tmux and the joys of using a "terminal multiplexor", then please visit the Tmux site and read some of the online articles about this tool. Please note that all the Tmuxinators in this repository are "hard-coded" to work for my development environment and projects. Even though they are heavily customized, my hope is that they will give examples of different facets of Tmuxinator (e.g., the layout specification strings).

Installation Instructions

You can type the following command if you want to clone this repository:

git clone

Now, you can type cd tmuxinators and start to browse the Tmuxinator configuration files that are available. I suggest that you make symbolic links from the .tmuxinator directory to this repository if you want to create and use these configuration files in a disciplined fashion. For example, when you type the following command in the .tmuxinator directory, it will make a symbolic link to the Weechat.yml file that is in this repository that is stored inside of the configure directory.

ln -s /home/gkapfham/configure/tmuxinators/systems/Weechat.yml Weechat.yml

This repository is also setup to take advantage of the stow command for automatically creating the symbolic links in the specified .tmuxinator directory. For instance, typing the following command would create all the symbolic links for the Tmuxinators in the papers directory.

stow papers -t ~/.tmuxinator

If you want to create the required symlinks for all of the tmuxinators that are available in this repository, then you can type the command:

make tmuxinators

Problems or Praise

If you have any problems with using these Tmuxinator configuration files, then please raise an issue associated with this Git repository using the "Issues" link at the top of this site. As the sole contributor to the tmuxinator repository, I will do everything possible to resolve your issue and ensure that all of the Tmuxinator configurations are clear and, potentially, best suited to working in your development environment. Remember, this repository is being made publicly available so as to provide examples of how to write Tmuxinator configurations. If you find that these files help you in preparing your own Tmuxinator configurations, then I also encourage you to "star" and "watch" this project!


💨 Tmuxinator Configurations for Gregory Kapfhammer's Projects







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