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GK Papers

An (incomplete) collection of work associated with papers written or supported by Gregory Kiar.


  1. 2021AggregateMCA 2021AggregateMCA Public archive

    Forked from gkiar/aggregate_models

    Evaluating various aggregation methods for MCA-perturbed datasets

    Jupyter Notebook 1 1

  2. 2021ImpactOfInstability 2021ImpactOfInstability Public archive

    Forked from gkiar/stability-impact

    Jupyter Notebook

  3. 2020ComparingNoiseModels 2020ComparingNoiseModels Public archive

    Forked from gkiar/stability-mca

    Exploration of Montecarlo Arithmetic analysis for evaluating and correcting the stability of tools in neuroimaging

    Jupyter Notebook


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