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Welcome to foo-tools. Good to see that you managed to download it ;-).

This is the first file you should be reading after downloading, it contains the very basics of getting you started, so be sure to read it all, top to bottom.


foo-tools is free software, licensed under the GPL. Please take a few minutes to read through the included LICENSE.txt to learn about what this means, since we are strong believers of free software, and do not tolerate violations.


foo-tools does not require glftpd, but many of the tools are specific to glftpd, and will not work without it.

Also, since the tools have been developed on Linux, some will not work under other OSs. Most are known to be working under FreeBSD with minor or no changes (mainly changing 'make' to 'gmake' in the Makefiles). If someone have the skills/time to fix the portability issues, please let us know.


  • The tools, look at the src/ catalog. You can run the './configure' script followed by 'make' to build.

  • Documentation, look in the doc/ catalog.

  • Older stuff, look in the unsorted-older/ catalog.

  • Not 100% finished but running, look in the testing/ catalog. You are not adviced to use these, but if you have guts be my guest :-). Some are running well, but just not well-documented for release.


If you find bugs (yes, they are there for sure), or have ideas for improvements, you are ofcause entitled to fix/improve by yourself, but it would be highly appreciated, if you would follow the spirit of foo-tools, and either send us patches, or make them available for download.

If you do are not a programmer, but got this great idea that just fits so well into foo-tools, you can also tell us about it, and ask us to implement it. If we have enough sparetime and the idea is good, maybe we will do it ;-).

Enjoy, Tanesha Team,