A crate for loading glTF 2.0
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This crate is intended to load glTF 2.0, a file format designed for the efficient transmission of 3D assets.

rustc version 1.19 or above is required; version 1.26 and above is recommended.

Reference infographic


From javagl/gltfOverview.


See the crate documentation for example usage.

Extras and Names

By default, gltf ignores all extras and names included with glTF assets. You can negate this by enabling the extras and names features, respectively.

version = "0.11"
features = ["extras", "names"]



Demonstrates how the glTF JSON is deserialized.

cargo run --example gltf-display path/to/asset.gltf


Visualises the scene heirarchy of a glTF asset, which is a strict tree of nodes.

cargo run --example gltf-tree path/to/asset.gltf