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Community Informatics Lab @George Mason University

We study the dynamics of local communities, hyperlocal groups, and information inequality through computational methods.


  1. Geospatial data processing -- sample scripts and examples.


  2. The repository provides popular practices to increase the reproducibility of scientific work.


  3. DMV-311 Public

    DMV 311 Data Analysis

    Jupyter Notebook 1

  4. AIT602 Public

    Course materials about the AIT 602 Introduction to Research in Applied IT course. This course covers a broad spectrum of scientific research methods such as computational methods.

    R 1 13

  5. AIT722 Public

    Course materials for AIT722: Theories and Models in Geo-Social Data Analytics

    JavaScript 7 25

  6. Web files for the CIL (Jekyll)

    SCSS 2


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