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XCL is a new native-code implementation of Common Lisp. It features a kernel
written in C++ and an optimizing compiler written in Lisp with backends for x86
and x86-64.

XCL runs on Linux, FreeBSD (tested only on x86, but it might work on x86-64
too), and 32-bit Windows.

On Linux and FreeBSD, you should be able to build XCL by simply running make in
the top-level source directory. If all goes well, you'll end up with an
executable called xcl in the top-level source directory. Run this executable and
do (REBUILD-LISP) at the REPL prompt to compile the .lisp source files, then

Building on Windows should be equally straightforward if you have the right
toolchain setup, which is basically MinGW and MSYS (I'm currently using g++
4.4.0 and make 3.81).

License is GPL.

For more information about XCL, please see:

If you have questions or comments about this project, please email Peter Graves