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The future of organizations is DAOs. The dxDAO is a next-generation DAO, designed to facilitate global, open trade.

The first dApp governed by the dxDAO will be the DutchX, an open trading protocol for ERC20 tokens using the Dutch auction mechanism. It determines a fair value for tokens, permits trading in low liquidity environments with no third party risk, and mitigates harmful trading practices like front-running

You can find all information and documentation about the DutchX here, and join the discussion in this Forum.

Contract Addresses

The dxDAO address is 0x519b70055af55A007110B4Ff99b0eA33071c720a.

Other relevant addresses of the DAO:

Main DAO Components

Name Description Address
Avatar Main address for the DAO. Ethereum identity 0x519b70055af55A007110B4Ff99b0eA33071c720a
Token dxDAO's own token 0x643b14F6EA235668278DA5974930105852F2B7C4
Reputation Voting power for dxDAO proposals 0x7a927A93F221976AAE26d5D077477307170f0b7c
Controller dxDAO controller 0x9f828AC3baA9003e8a4e0b24bcaE7b027B6740b0
Genesis Protocol Holographic Consensus voting machine for voting on proposals 0x332B8C9734b4097dE50f302F7D9F273FFdB45B84

Main Schemes

Main schemes that allow to create proposals to manage the dxDAO.

Name Description Address Genesis Protocol Hashed Params
DutchX (Generic Scheme) Manage DutchX protocol 0x199719EE4d5DCF174B80b80afa1FE4a8e5b0E3A0 0xff6155010292b35fb8daae8b4450cdc41a586bc591e9a76484e88ffba36f94a8
Contribution Reward Scheme Create proposals contributions in exchange for ETH, Tokens or Reputation 0x08cC7BBa91b849156e9c44DEd51896B38400f55B 0x399141801e9e265d79f1f1759dd67932980664ea28c2ba7e0e4dba8719e47118
Admin (Scheme Registrar) Register new schemes 0xf050F3C6772Ff35eB174A6900833243fcCD0261F 0x9799ec39e42562c5ac7fbb104f1edcaa495e00b45e0db80cce1c0cdc863d0d0f

Vote Staking Period Schemes

Schemes used during Vote Staking Period (VSP) to assign the initial Reputation.

Name Description Address
ETH Locking Scheme Allows users to lock Ether during the VSP in order to get a score that will be used for the allocation of Reputation 0x4564BFe303900178578769b2D76B1a13533E5fd5
Whitelisted Token Locking Scheme Allows users to lock Tokens during the VSP in order to get a score that will be used for the allocation of Reputation 0x1cb5B2BB4030220ad5417229A7A1E3c373cDD2F6
MGN Registration Scheme Allows users to get a score, depending on the amount of locked MGN you hold, that will be used for the allocation of Reputation 0x2E6FaE82c77e1D6433CCaAaF90281523b99D0D0a
GEN Auction Scheme Allows users to bid on several GEN auctions during the VSP in order to get a score that will be used for the allocation of Reputation 0x4D8DB062dEFa0254d00a44aA1602C30594e47B12

Bug Bounty


DAOStack's Smart contract Audit:

Install dependencies

Useful, for example for working with the console in any deployed network

# Install dependencies
npm run install

# Restore the network info in the compiled contracts
npm run restore

# Check the networks :) 
npm run networks

Run tests

# Install dependencies
npm install

# In one tab: Run ganache
npm run rpc

# In another tab: Run the tests
npm run test

For running a particular test:

npx truffle test <name-of-the-test>



npm run migrate


npm run migrate -- --network rinkeby


npm run migrate -- --network mainnet

Verify contracts in Etherscan

Make sure the dependencies and addresses are updated:

npm run install
npm run restore

For every contract, you need to get the flattened version.

# Get the list of contracts:
ls -Rl contracts

# Flatten a contract
npx truffle-flattener contracts/DxAvatar.sol > build/DxAvatar.sol

To verify you will need to use the exact version of the compiler:

Check it here:



πŸ‡³πŸ‡±βœ–οΈ Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for managing the DutchX




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