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Build Status

slow.trade Seller Interface

DX-React is a React/Redux/Truffle + Web3 frontend application interfacing with the DX-Contracts

The rest of this guide assumes you are using up-to-date versions of Node, NPM, Chrome and MetaMask, respectively.

Running locally

  1. Install ganache-cli & truffle globally - we recommend truffle@4.1.5 right now for stability

    npm i -g ganache-cli truffle@4.1.5

  2. Grab the dx-react project

    git clone git@github.com:gnosis/dx-react.git

  3. Install deps - please be patient as this may take a little while.

    npm install

  4. Running the app - please have 3 terminals/tabs ready

    Step 1: npm run rpc

    Step 2: npm run migrate

    Step 3: npm start

  5. Head to localhost:5000 in Chrome

Adding and deploying a test token

Please refer to the Truffle Docs for much more in-depth info on migrations/deployment

  1. Take a look inside ./test/contracts to see 2 local only contracts used in testing

    When using test tokens, they first need to be created as in the above folder, and then deployed

  2. Take a look inside ./migrations

    Notice that the files are named clearly and superseded by numbers. Migration scripts are fired sequentially! Use conditionals here to facilitate deploying contracts only on certain networks - e.g:

    module.exports = (deployer, network) => {
        if (network === 'development') return deployer.deploy(TokenOMG, 50000e18).then(() => deployer.deploy(TokenRDN, 50000e18))
        return console.log('Not running on development, skipping.')

    The migration script export accepts 3 params: a. module.exports = (deployer, network, accounts) => { ... }

     1. deployer: Function
     2. network:  string
     3. accounts: string[]

    from the TruffleContract repo:


    Your migration files will use the deployer to stage deployment tasks. As such, you can write deployment tasks synchronously and they'll be executed in the correct order:

    // Stage deploying A before B

    Alternatively, each function on the deployer can be used as a Promise, to queue up deployment tasks that depend on the execution of the previous task:

    // Deploy A, then deploy B, passing in A's newly deployed address
    deployer.deploy(A).then(function() {
    return deployer.deploy(B, A.address);


    returns string ('development' | 'rinkeby' | 'main', 'kovan' | 'ropsten')

    As mentioned above, can be used to grab network info in migrations flow. Conditional migrating, for example


    returns string[]

    Use to migrate/deploy contracts with certain addresses. On local these are the accounts first listed in ganache-cli

    Please refer to the Ganache-CLI repo for more information

    1. Deploying contracts

      Now it's time to deploy! Finally! Your ./migrations folder will contain files something like:

      1. 1_initial_migrations.js
      2. 2_DEV_ONLY_Migrate_Deps.js
      3. 3_DEV_ONLY_Migrate_Test_Tokens.js

      Where numbers 2 and 3 use conditional network checking logic to only deploy when ganache is set on the development (local) network.

Submitting an Add Token Request

If you want a Token to be added to Rinkeby token list, please follow instructions in ADD_TOKEN_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details