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Gitea 1.5.0 crippled diff file font rendering #4726

tgurr opened this Issue Aug 16, 2018 · 3 comments


5 participants

tgurr commented Aug 16, 2018


Since gitea 1.5.0 the font rendering for the diffs are crippled when viewing them with either Firefox or Chrome on Linux (see attached screenshot). The problem doesn't seem to appear with Firefox or Chrome on Windows and I don't have another distribution to test with so it might be some local problems involved. However I can't remember having this problem with the previous version 1.4.3. And I also didn't find any configuration for being able to adjust the fonts used for rendering the diffs. Also I didn't experience font rendering issues on any other websites yet.




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JonasFranzDEV commented Aug 18, 2018

I can reproduce that also with Firefox + Chrome on macOS


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jac1013 commented Sep 3, 2018

I can confirm this is happening, if you go to the CSS directly and "turn off" the font CSS applied to the diff tool it solves the problem, also, if the css is only 12px monospace; it also works, it seems like Consolas and the other fallback fonts are causing something weird to happen in Linux.

This is the real CSS:

font: 12px Consolas,"Liberation Mono",Menlo,Courier,monospace;


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xxxtonixxx commented Sep 9, 2018

I can't fix the problem changing the font, @jac1013. I have fixed the issue adding this css rule:

table {
    border-collapse: collapse;

xxxtonixxx added a commit to xxxtonixxx/gitea that referenced this issue Sep 9, 2018

JonasFranzDEV added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 9, 2018

fix: Crippled diff (#4726) (#4900)
* fix: Crippled diff (#4726)

* Regenerate css

@lunny lunny modified the milestones: 1.6.0, 1.5.2 Sep 11, 2018

xxxtonixxx added a commit to xxxtonixxx/gitea that referenced this issue Sep 13, 2018

JonasFranzDEV added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 14, 2018

Backport: fix crippled diff (#4726) (#4929)
* fix: Crippled diff (#4726)

* ci

* fix: rebuild styles with v1.5's node_modules

aswild added a commit to aswild/gitea that referenced this issue Oct 24, 2018

Merge tag 'v1.6.0-rc1'
Prepare for wild/v1.6 branch

  * Respect email privacy option in user search via API (go-gitea#4512)
  * Simply remove tidb and deps (go-gitea#3993)
  * Swagger.v1.json template (go-gitea#3572)
  * Pull request review/approval and comment on code (go-gitea#3748)
  * Added dependencies for issues (go-gitea#2196) (go-gitea#2531)
  * Add the ability to have built in themes in Gitea and provide dark theme arc-green (go-gitea#4198)
  * Add sudo functionality to the API (go-gitea#4809)
  * Add oauth providers via cli (go-gitea#4591)
  * Disable merging a WIP Pull request (go-gitea#4529)
  * Force user to change password (go-gitea#4489)
  * Add letsencrypt to Gitea (go-gitea#4189)
  * Add push webhook support for mirrored repositories (go-gitea#4127)
  * Add csv file render support defaultly (go-gitea#4105)
  * Add Recaptcha functionality to Gitea (go-gitea#4044)
  * Fix release creation via API (go-gitea#5076)
  * Remove links from topics in edit mode  (go-gitea#5026)
  * Fix missing AppSubUrl in few more templates (fixup) (go-gitea#5021)
  * Fix missing AppSubUrl in some templates (go-gitea#5020)
  * Hide outdated comments in file view (go-gitea#5017)
  * Upgrade (go-gitea#4999)
  * Disable debug routes unless PPROF is enabled in configuration (go-gitea#4995)
  * Fix user menu item styling (go-gitea#4985)
  * Fix layout of the topics editing form (go-gitea#4971)
  * Fix null pointer dereference in ParseCommitWithSignature (go-gitea#4962)
  * Fix url in discord webhook (go-gitea#4953)
  * Detect charset and convert non UTF-8 files for display (go-gitea#4950)
  * Make sure to catch the right error so it is displayed on the UI (go-gitea#4945)
  * Fix(topics): don't redirect to explore page. (go-gitea#4938)
  * Fix bug forget to remove Stopwatch when remove repository (go-gitea#4928)
  * Fix bug when repo remained bare if multiple branches pushed in single push (go-gitea#4923)
  * Fix: Let's Encrypt configuration settings (go-gitea#4911)
  * Fix: Crippled diff (go-gitea#4726) (go-gitea#4900)
  * Fix trimming of markup section names (go-gitea#4863)
  * Issues api allow pulls and fix go-gitea#4832 (go-gitea#4852)
  * Do not autocreate directory for new users/orgs (go-gitea#4828) (go-gitea#4849)
  * Fix redirect with non-ascii branch names (go-gitea#4764) (go-gitea#4810)
  * Fix missing release title in webhook (go-gitea#4783) (go-gitea#4796)
  * User shouldn't be able to approve or reject his/her own PR (go-gitea#4729)
  * Make sure to reset commit count in the cache on mirror syncing (go-gitea#4720)
  * Fixed bug where team with admin privelege type doesn't get any unit  (go-gitea#4719)
  * Fix incorrect caption of webhook setting (go-gitea#4701) (go-gitea#4717)
  * Allow WIP marker to contains < or > (go-gitea#4709)
  * Hide org/create menu item in Dashboard if user has no rights (go-gitea#4678) (go-gitea#4680)
  * Site admin could create repos even MAX_CREATION_LIMIT=0 (go-gitea#4645)
  * Fix custom templates being ignored (go-gitea#4638)
  * Fix starring icon after semantic ui update (go-gitea#4628)
  * Fix Split-View line adjustment (go-gitea#4622)
  * Fix integer constant overflows in tests (go-gitea#4616)
  * Push whitelist now doesn't apply to branch deletion (go-gitea#4601) (go-gitea#4607)
  * Fix bugs when too many IN variables (go-gitea#4594)
  * Fix failure on creating pull request with assignees (go-gitea#4419) (go-gitea#4583)
  * Fix panic issue on update avatar email (go-gitea#4580) (go-gitea#4581)
  * Fix status code label for a successful webhook (go-gitea#4540)
  * An inactive user shouldn't be able to be added as a collaborator (go-gitea#4535)
  * Don't fail silently if trying to add a collaborator twice (go-gitea#4533)
  * Fix incorrect MergeWhitelistTeamIDs check in CanUserMerge function (go-gitea#4519) (go-gitea#4525)
  * Fix out-of-transaction query in removeOrgUser (go-gitea#4521) (go-gitea#4522)
  * Fix migration from older releases (go-gitea#4495)
  * Accept 'Data:' in commit graph (go-gitea#4487)
  * Update xorm to latest version and fix correct `user` table referencing in sql (go-gitea#4473)
  * Relative URLs for LibreJS page (go-gitea#4460)
  * Redirect to correct page after using scratch token (go-gitea#4458)
  * Fix column droping for MSSQL that need new transaction for that (go-gitea#4440)
  * Replace src with raw to fix image paths (go-gitea#4377)
  * Add default merge options when creating new repository (go-gitea#4369)
  * Fix docker build (go-gitea#4358)
  * Fixes repo membership check in API (go-gitea#4341)
  * Dep upgrade mysql lib (go-gitea#4161)
  * Fix some issues with special chars in branch names (go-gitea#3767)
  * Responsive design fixes (go-gitea#4508)
  * Fix milestones sorted wrongly (go-gitea#4987)
  * Allow api to create tags for releases if they don't exist (go-gitea#4890)
  * Fix go-gitea#4877 to follow the OpenID Connect Audiences spec (go-gitea#4878)
  * Enforce token on api routes [fixed critical security issue go-gitea#4357] (go-gitea#4840)
  * Update legacy branch and tag URLs in dashboard to new format (go-gitea#4812)
  * Slack webhook channel name cannot be empty or just contain an hashtag (go-gitea#4786)
  * Add whitespace handling to PR-comparsion (go-gitea#4683)
  * Make reverse proxy auth optional (go-gitea#4643)
  * MySQL TLS (go-gitea#4642)
  * Make sure to set PR split view when creating/previewing a pull request  (go-gitea#4617)
  * Log user in after a successful sign up (go-gitea#4615)
  * Fix typo IsPullReuqestBroken -> IsPullRequestBroken (go-gitea#4578)
  * Allow admin toggle forcing a password change for newly created users (go-gitea#4563)
  * Update jQuery to v1.12.4 (go-gitea#4551)
  * Env var GITEA_PUSHER_EMAIL (go-gitea#4516)
  * Feat(repo): support search repository by topic name (go-gitea#4505)
  * Small improvements to dependency UI (go-gitea#4503)
  * Make max commits in graph configurable (go-gitea#4498)
  * Add valid for lfs oid (go-gitea#4461)
  * Add shortcut to save wiki page (go-gitea#4452)
  * Allow administrator to create repository for any organization (go-gitea#4368)
  * Fix repository last updated time update when delete a user who watched the repo (go-gitea#4363)
  * Switch plaintext scratch tokens to use hash instead (go-gitea#4331)
  * Increase default TOTP secret size to 320 bits (go-gitea#4287)
  * Keep preseeded database password (go-gitea#4284)
  * Implemented hover text showing user FullName (go-gitea#4261)
  * Add ability to delete a token (go-gitea#4235)
  * Fix typos in i18n variable names. (go-gitea#4080)
  * Api: repos/search: add parameters to control the sort order (go-gitea#3964)
  * Add missing path in the Docker app.ini template (go-gitea#2181)
  * Add file name and branch to page title (go-gitea#4902)
  * Offline use of google fonts (go-gitea#4872)
  * Add missing History link to directory listings v2 (go-gitea#4829)
  * Locale for Edit and Remove due date issue (go-gitea#4802)
  * Disable 'May Import Local Repository' when is disabled by setting (Is… (go-gitea#4780)
  * API /admin/users/{username} missing parameter (go-gitea#4775)
  * Display error when adding a user to a team twice (go-gitea#4746)
  * Remove UsePrivilegeSeparation from the Docker sshd_config, see go-gitea#2876 (go-gitea#4722)
  * Focus title input when clicking helper link (go-gitea#4696)
  * Add vendor to user reserved words and format words list according alphabet (go-gitea#4685)
  * Add gitea/issues link to 500 page (go-gitea#4654)
  * Hide home button when landing page is not set to home (go-gitea#4651)
  * Remove link to GitHub issues in 404 template (go-gitea#4639)
  * Cmd/serve: pprof cpu and memory profile dumps to disk (go-gitea#4560)
  * Add flash message after an account has been successfully activated (go-gitea#4510)
  * Prevent html entity escaping on delete branch (go-gitea#4471)
  * Locale for button Edit on protected branch (go-gitea#4442)
  * Update notification icon (go-gitea#4343)
  * Added front-end topics validation (go-gitea#4316)
  * Don't display buttons if there are no system notifications (go-gitea#4280)
  * Issue due date api (go-gitea#3890)
  * Improve URL validation for external wiki  and external issues (go-gitea#4710)
  * Make cookies HttpOnly and obey COOKIE_SECURE flag (go-gitea#4706)
  * Don't disclose emails of all users when sending out emails (go-gitea#4664)
  * Check that repositories can only be migrated to own user or organizations (go-gitea#4366)
  * Fix punctuation in English translation (go-gitea#4958)
  * Fix translation (go-gitea#4355)

HoffmannP pushed a commit to HoffmannP/gitea that referenced this issue Nov 14, 2018

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