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Save full resolution image on capture, fix flash settings, apply filter chain on full resolution when saved. #21

dmitric opened this Issue Nov 2, 2012 · 6 comments

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dmitric commented Nov 2, 2012

Right now we use the filter output, but this could be optimized. I changed to code so that the camera wouldn't be running while capturing and then loading the full resolution image into GPUImagePicture

dmitric commented Nov 3, 2012

I added in a quick flash fix for the time being, but once this is done, we shouldn't need it anymore.


Hi there, thanks so much for all your hard work. Do you plan to make the flash act more like the standard iPhone camera flash? The short, less intense flash followed by an intense flash?


kgn commented Mar 13, 2013

@dmitric are these changes available? The quality of the images right now are quite low because it's just grabbing the image from the view instead of the full camera image.

dmitric commented Mar 17, 2013

@kgn seems like GPUImage causes memory issues/crashes on iPhone 4S so I removed it because people were complaining. In my own app I currently redoing it to use unfiltered AVFoundation for capture, and then use GPUImage for the actual effects.


Hey have you committed the changes required to fix this issue. It is troubling a lot and I am unable to fix it.


Can you pls commit the changes which you did with AVFoundation

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