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Vuemit is a tiny library to work with events on Vue.js. Its aim is to keeping simple the fact of sharing information between any number of components.


npm install vuemit --save

Gettings started

Require the library within your entry point or your bootstrap file.

window.Vuemit = require('vuemit');

Now you will have a global Vuemit variable which you can use anywhere in your app.


  • all the methods take the same props as the Original Events, except for the events-names which can be an array.
Vue Vuemit Description
this.$emit() Fire an event/s : takes 2 arguments ('event-name', (optional) data object)
this.$on() Vuemit.listen() Listen for an event/s : takes 2 arguments ('event-name', callback)
this.$once() Vuemit.listenOnce() Listen once to an event/s : takes 2 arguments ('event-name', callback)
this.$off() Vuemit.remove() Remove listeners for an event/s: takes 2 arguments ('event-name', callback)
this.$off() Vuemit.removeListenersFrom() Remove listeners from an event/s: takes 1 arguments ('event-name')
this.$off() Vuemit.removeAll() Remove all event listeners: takes no arguments
  • Vue started to support events array from v2.2.0+ except $emit & $once but with Vuemit you can use events-names as an array with all the methods except removeAll() which takes no arguments.
// fire multiple events with a shared payload['event1','event2'], {some: data})

// listen once to multiple events with a shared callback
Vuemit.listenOnce(['other-event1', 'other-event2'], ()=>{
    // do something ex."refresh localStorage"


Please feel free to fork this package and contribute by submitting a pull request to enhance the functionalities.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

How can I thank you?

Why not star the github repo? Why not share the link for this repository on Twitter? Spread the word!

Don't forget to follow me on twitter!


Gustavo Ocanto.