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C/C++ CI

Godot Git Plugin

Git implementation of the Godot Engine VCS interface in Godot. We use libgit2 as our backend to simulate Git in code.

Planned for the upcoming version of Godot. Look for other branches for support in other Godot releases.

Installation Instructions

  1. Grab the platform binaries here:
  2. Then read the installation instructions:

Build Instructions

This section onwards is only meant to be used if you intend to compile the plugin from source.

Required Tools

  • Full copy of the source code. Remember to use git clone --recursive.
  • SCons (v3.0.1+)
  • C++17 and C90 compilers detectable by SCons and present in PATH.
  • Platforms Specific Setup
    • Windows
      • No extra steps required other than setting up the compilers.
    • MacOS
      • For making universal builds targeting both Apple Silicon and x86_64, you can optionally run to build OpenSSL yourself and replace the already prebuilt libraries provided inside thirdparty/openssl/, otherwise, just run brew install openssl@1.1 to use the prebuilt libraries provided in this repository.
    • Linux
      • Run sudo apt-get install libssl-dev, or your local package manager's equivalent.

Release Build

scons platform=<platform> target=editor -j 6

You may get the gdextension dump yourself from Godot using the instructions in the next section, or use the ones provided in godot-cpp/gdextension or ci/.

For more build options, run scons platform=<platform> -h

Dev builds

When new features are being worked on for the Godot VCS Integration, the build process sometimes requires developers to make changes in the GDExtension API along with this plugin. This means we need to manually generate the GDExtension API from the custom Godot builds and use it to compile godot-cpp, and then finally link the resulting godot-cpp binary into this plugin.

If you need to use a custom GDExtension API:

  1. Dump the new bindings from the custom Godot build.
cd local/copy/of/godot/source
.\bin\ --headless --dump-gdextension-interface --dump-extension-api
  1. Build the plugin along with the godot-cpp library.
scons platform=<platform> target=editor generate_bindings=yes dev_build=yes -j 6

You only need to build godot-cpp once every change in the GDExtension API, hence, generate_bindings=yes should only be passed in during the first time after generating a new GDExtension API dump.

  1. Open the project provided inside demo/ in the custom Godot build.

To view more options available while recompiling godot-git-plugin, run scons platform=<platform> -h.


This plugin is under the MIT License. Third-party notices are present in

OpenSSL License Attributions - This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (