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Godot Engine

Godot is a popular Free and Open Source game development engine and toolset.


  1. godot godot Public

    Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

    C++ 85k 18.7k

  2. godot-docs godot-docs Public

    Godot Engine official documentation

    reStructuredText 3.5k 2.9k

  3. godot-demo-projects godot-demo-projects Public

    Demonstration and Template Projects

    GDScript 5.3k 1.5k

  4. godot-proposals godot-proposals Public

    Godot Improvement Proposals (GIPs)

    1k 65

  5. awesome-godot awesome-godot Public

    A curated list of free/libre plugins, scripts and add-ons for Godot

    6.2k 325

  6. godot-cpp godot-cpp Public

    C++ bindings for the Godot script API

    C++ 1.5k 459


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