A secure parallel virtual machine built on top of java.
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PRuby / PVM

PVM stands for “parallel virtual machine”. The aim of this project is a virtual machine that's able to handle:

  • massive parallel threads

  • complete control of all resources (memory, cpu time, network traffic)

  • a small subset of the ruby-stdlib, that supports everything you need for a networking application


PRuby is not so much a simple interpreter, but more like a running environment / application server A basic configuration sets:

  • how much resources from the local host should be used at most.

In network mode:

  • how much resources are open to other users

  • how much resources should be used from other node

For networking mode to work securely the following is needed:

  • Only a limited count of different users can be allowed to access to node (at any moment AND over infinity)

  • Disk access is only available for a limited set of functions

  • Each user has his own sandbox with limited disk-space and ram-space

  • Disk-space is granted, but not ensured, so remote data can be destroyed or unavailable