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Implementation of Erlang node
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Implementation of Erlang/OTP node in Go

Supported features:

  • Publish listen port via EPMD
  • Handle incoming connection from other node using Erlang Distribution Protocol
  • Spawn Erlang-like processes
  • Register and unregister processes with simple atom
  • Send messages to registered (using atom) or not registered (using Pid) processes at Go-node or remote Erlang-node
  • Create own process with GenServer behaviour (like gen_server in Erlang/OTP)

Not supported (but should be):

  • Initiate connection to other node
  • Supervisors tree
  • Create own behaviours
  • RPC callbacks
  • Atom cache references to increase throughput


See examples/ to see example of go-node and GenServer process

Another project which uses this library: Eclus

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