A 2d graphics command queue micro-library.
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g2 is a 2D graphics javascript library based on the command pattern principle. Its main goal is to provide a simple API for users who want to generate 2D web graphics occasionally. So the API is minimal and easy to understand. The library is tiny, fast and renderer agnostic.

Main features

  • Fast and lightweight graphics command queue builder.
  • Adressing HTML canvas 2D context as the default renderer.
  • Generating SVG output using an addon library.
  • Method chaining.
  • Support of cartesian coordinates.
  • Viewport pan and zoom transformations.
  • Low level path commands with short names adopted from SVG.
  • Higher level element commands.
  • Maintaining a state stack for styling and transformations.
  • Easy way to build custom symbol libraries.
  • Tiny footprint by 5kB compressed (gzip).
  • No dependency.

Minimal Example

<canvas id="c" width="200", height="100"></canvas>
<script src="g2.js"></script>
    const ctx = document.getElementById("c").getContext("2d"); // define context
    g2().rec({x:40,y:30,b:120,h:40, // create g2 object, add rectangle
              ls:"green",fs:"orange",lw:3}) // with style properties.
        .exe(ctx);  // draw to canvas.



API Reference

See the API Reference for g2 for details.

Also see the API Reference for g2.ext and the API Reference for g2.mec.


Use the link https://gitcdn.xyz/repo/goessner/g2/master/src/g2.js for getting the latest commit as a raw file.

In HTML use ...

<script src="https://gitcdn.xyz/repo/goessner/g2/master/src/g2.js"></script>


Tests are found on the Github Page

Cheat Sheet

Check out the single page Cheat Sheet.


g2 is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.