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This repository is used as a placeholder for GAPID dev-releases.

The latest stable release of GAPID is accessible here.

Dev-releases are unstable preview releases for developers, they are NOT stable releases. The file lists dev-releases.

How to get notifications for new dev-releases

The option to opt into getting dev-release updates is only present from recent dev-releases. The latest dev-release is available here.

Launch GAPID, go to the Edit -> Preferences menu, and tick both “Automatically check for GAPID updates” and “Include unstable developer releases” options:

alt text

Make sure to relaunch GAPID.

When a new dev-release is published, a "New update available" notification will be displayed on GAPID startup screen:

alt text

Clicking on this notification will bring you to the latest dev-release page on GitHub from where you can download the build relevant to your platform.

This is not an officially supported Google product.

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