Making it easy to migrate issues between repos.
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Issue Mover for GitHub

This tool make it easy to migrate issues between repos:

  • Copy the issue in the destination repo
  • Add references between the issues
  • Close the original issue

Issue Mover for GitHub has been written entirely in Dart (both client side and server side code) and is hosted on Google App Engine Managed VM. For a walk through of the code and backend deployment options please read CODE_WALKTHROUGH


The tool is hosted online at

It looks like this:

How to use

You can copy paste full GitHub URLs. For instance you can copy paste

into the "Issue to Move" text field. It will get automatically transformed to the short GitHub URL:


The tool will extract some information about the issue if it's accessible to your user:

You can do the same for the "Destination Repo" text field and copy paste:

It will get automatically transformed to the short GitHub URL for repos:


and some information will get extracted as well:

Once existing issue and repo have been set you can start the move process:

This will create a new issue which is a copy of the original one, with mentions of every users who commented on the bug. The two issues will also references themselves:


Even though a lot of contributors are working for Google this is not an official Google Product. This is an open-source sample application written in Dart and runable on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine with a running test instance hosted on App Engine.


Apache 2.0

Copyright 2014 Google Inc