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Google Toolbox for Mac
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dmaclach and thomasvl Add XCTAssertAsserts
XCTAssertAsserts is for testing if NSAssert or NSParameterAssert is called.
It is a no-op if NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS is defined.
Update project to match "Xcode" standard with regards to having assertions off in release.
Latest commit 80704a6 May 21, 2019
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AppKit GTMLocalizer: use NSAccessibility on 10.10+ deployment targets Feb 19, 2019
DebugUtils Import Foundation so the header is self standing. Feb 4, 2019
Foundation Add import so source builds is compiling with modules. Feb 4, 2019
GTM.xcodeproj Add XCTAssertAsserts May 20, 2019
GTMiPhone.xcodeproj Add XCTAssertAsserts May 20, 2019
UnitTesting Add XCTAssertAsserts May 20, 2019
XcodeConfig We should not be generating position dependent code. This is no longe… Dec 13, 2018
iPhone Cast NSInteger to long for formatting as %ld Jul 24, 2017
.swift-version Support for tvOS (#139) May 18, 2017 Add travis config to build/test. Nov 20, 2018
.travis.yml Enable release (#228) Dec 14, 2018
BuildingAndUsing.txt Add a podspec for GTM. This only adds a podspec for some of the commo… Feb 25, 2016 Update the project for github migration Aug 18, 2015
GTM-Info.plist Add CFBundleShortVersionString since things normally should have both… Nov 21, 2017
GTMDefines.h Remove GTM_FOREACH_* macros. (#201) Nov 13, 2018
GoogleToolboxForMac.podspec Add missing dep for podspec. May 17, 2019
LICENSE Update the project for github migration Aug 18, 2015 Split back out ReleaseNotes, make README general info. Aug 20, 2015
UnitTest-Info.plist Let Xcode 9 update the settings on the projects. Oct 6, 2017

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