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JSR-330 Integration

New in Guice 3.0

JSR-330 standardizes annotations like @Inject and the Provider interfaces for Java platforms. It doesn't currently specify how applications are configured, so it has no analog to Guice's modules.

Guice implements a complete JSR-330 injector. This table summarizes the JSR-330 types and their Guice equivalents.

@Inject @Inject Interchangeable with constraints (See Note 1)
@Named @Named Interchangeable.
@Qualifier @BindingAnnotation Interchangeable.
@Scope @ScopeAnnotation Interchangeable.
@Singleton @Singleton Interchangeable.
Provider Provider Guice's Provider extends JSR-330's Provider (See Note 2)

Note 1: JSR-330 places additional constraints on injection points. Fields must be non-final. Optional injection is not supported. Methods must be non-abstract and not have type parameters of their own. Additionally, method overriding differs in a key way: If a class being injected overrides a method where the superclass' method was annotated with javax.inject.Inject, but the subclass method is not annotated, then the method will not be injected.

Note 2: Guice's Provider extends JSR-330's Provider. Use Providers.guicify() to convert a JSR-330 Provider into a Guice Provider.

Best Practices

Prefer JSR-330's annotations and Provider interface.

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