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KUnit Documentation

KUnit is a lightweight unit testing and mocking framework for the Linux kernel. These tests are able to be run locally on a developer’s workstation without a VM or special hardware.

KUnit is heavily inspired by JUnit, Python’s unittest.mock, and Googletest/Googlemock for C++. KUnit defines a way to mock out C style classes and functions and create expectations on methods called within the code under test.

This is a repository to host KUnit project documentation.

Where is the code?

Updating this repository

To update the documents in this repository, checkout Compile the kernel-docs, and copy them to the kernel-docs repo in this repository:

git clone
make -C $PATH_TO_KUNIT_KERNEL htmldocs SPHINXDIRS=dev-tools/kunit
cd kunit-docs
rm -rf third_party/kernel/*
cp -r $PATH_TO_KUNIT_KERNEL/LICENSES/ third_party/kernel/
cp -r $PATH_TO_KUNIT_KERNEL/Documentation/output/dev-tools/kunit/ third_party/kernel/docs/
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