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Light My Piano is an application for teaching novices to play the piano.

Is it intended to be used with an electronic piano keyboard having MIDI output,
along with a projector, which projects the screen output directly onto the piano
keyboard. However, if you do not have a projector handy, you can also use this
application by watching your computer screen while playing.

When set up with a projector, Light My Piano will light up piano keys just
before they should be played. The light will flow down towards the bottom of the
key, and the key needs to be pressed as the light fills the key entirely.
As you are playing, the application will monitor your accuracy and give you a
score, so that you can see how your performance improves over time. If the piece
is too difficult, you can lower its playback speed, and then gradually increase
it as you become more proficient.

You can play any music you want with Light My Piano; simply search for the MIDI
file of the piece you are interested in, and place it in the same directory as
Light My Piano. The file will appear next time you restart the application.

Here is a short video demonstrating how this works for an easy piece, which most
people are able to play immediately, even if they have never played a piano


Light My Piano was written in December 2015 by
Arye Barkan, Dvir Keysar, Yoel Drori, and Zvika Ben-Haim,
software engineers at Google, Inc.
The application was written primarily for fun.
We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.
However, this is not an official Google product.


Teaches you to play the piano by lighting up the piano key you need to press



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