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Google's older mirrored patches and tarballs that used to live at
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These days, our patches and code generally are put into GitHub or Gerrit projects. However, there are still a very small number of patches and tarballs that were available through

All of those have now been moved to this project.

Please Note: Google does not offer support around the use, build process, form, architecture or function of these patches and mirrored packages. Questions can be directed to These patches and mirrored packages are provided for your information and to comply with various open source licenses.

Patches here:

VLC from Google video

A previous version of the Google Video web browser plugin was based on a patched version of VLC 0.8.2.


A previous version of Google Desktop used a patched version of pdftohtml 0.33a.


Picasa 2.2 used Wine to run on Linux. More info can be found on our wine information page.


Some Google products use data from Hspell to implement Hebrew spell-checking.

Really Simple History

The Really Simple History framework makes it easy for AJAX applications to incorporate bookmarking and back and button support.

Google Search Appliance

You can find the search appliance's distribution mirror here.

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