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@antonmedv antonmedv released this 05 Apr 23:27
· 51 commits to main since this release

We are thrilled to announce the release of zx v8.0.0! πŸŽ‰

With this release, we have introduced a lot of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
We have also made some breaking changes, so please read the following release notes carefully.

πŸš€ New Shiny Features

Squashed deps: we use esbuild with custom plugins to forge js bundles and dts-bundle-generator for typings
2acb0f, #722

More safety, more stability and significantly reduced installation time. Zx now is ~20x smaller.

npx zx@8.0.0
npm install zx@8.0.0

Options presets are here. To implement this, we have also completely refactored the zx core, and now it's available as a separate package – zurk
aeec7a, #733, #600

const $$ = $({quiet: true})
await $$`echo foo`

$({nothrow: true})`exit 1`

We have introduced $.sync() API
1f8c8b, #738, #681, 1d8aa9, #739

import {$} from 'zx'

const { output } = $.sync`echo foo` // foo

You can also override the internal API to implement pools, test mocking, etc.

$.spawnSync = () => {} // defaults to `child_process.spawnSync`

The input option is now available to pass data to the command.
b38972, #736

const p1 = $({ input: 'foo' })`cat`
const p2 = $({ input: Readable.from('bar') })`cat`
const p3 = $({ input: Buffer.from('baz') })`cat`
const p4 = $({ input: p3 })`cat`
const p5 = $({ input: await p3 })`cat`

AbortController has been introduced to abort the command execution. It's available via the ac option.
fa4a7b, #734, #527

const ac = new AbortController()
const p = $({ ac })`sleep 9999`

setTimeout(() => ac.abort(), 100)

If not specified, the default instance will be used. Abortion trigger is also available via PromiseResponse:

const p = $`sleep 9999`
setTimeout(() => p.abort(), 100)

kill method is exposed now. To terminate any (not only zx starter) process:

import { kill } from 'zx'

await kill(123)
await kill(123, 'SIGKILL')

Btw, we have replaced ps-tree with @webpod/ps & @webpod/ingrid, and exposed ps util:

import {ps} from 'zx'

const children = await ps.tree(123)
 {pid: 124, ppid: 123},
 {pid: 125, ppid: 123}
const children2 = await ps.tree({pid: 123, recursive: true})
 {pid: 124, ppid: 123},
 {pid: 125, ppid: 123},

 {pid: 126, ppid: 124},
 {pid: 127, ppid: 124},
 {pid: 128, ppid: 124},

 {pid: 129, ppid: 125},
 {pid: 130, ppid: 125},

Introduced $.postfix option. It's like a $.prefix, but for the end of the command.
fb9554, #756, #536

import {$} from 'zx'

$.postfix = '; exit $LastExitCode' // for PowerShell compatibility

minimist API exposed

import { minimist } from 'zx'

const argv = minimist(process.argv.slice(2), {})

Fixed npm package name pattern on --install mode
956dcc, #659, #660, #663

import '@qux/pkg'       // valid
import '@qux/pkg/entry' // was invalid before and valid now

⚠️ Breaking changes

We've tried our best to avoid them, but it was necessary.

  1. $.verbose is set to false by default, but errors are still printed to stderr. Set $.quiet = true to suppress all output.
    cafb90, #745, #569

    $.verbose = true // everything works like in v7
    $.quiet = true // to completely turn off logging
  2. ssh API was dropped. Install webpod package instead.
    8925a1, #750

    // import {ssh} from 'zx' ↓
    import {ssh} from 'webpod'
    const remote = ssh('user@host')
    await remote`echo foo`
  3. zx is not looking for powershell anymore, on Windows by default. If you still need it, use the usePowerShell helper:
    24dcf3, #757

    import { usePowerShell, useBash } from 'zx'
    usePowerShell() // to enable powershell
    useBash()       // switch to bash, the default
  4. Process cwd synchronization between $ invocations is disabled by default. This functionality is provided via an async hook and can now be controlled directly.
    d79a63, #765

    import { syncProcessCwd } from 'zx'
    syncProcessCwd() // restores legacy v7 behavior

🧰 Other Improvements