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Google API Linter

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The API linter provides real-time checks for compliance with many of Google's API standards, documented using API Improvement Proposals. It operates on API surfaces defined in protocol buffers.

It identifies common mistakes and inconsistencies in API surfaces:

// Incorrect.
message GetBookRequest {
  // This is wrong; it should be spelled `name`.
  string book = 1;

When able, it also offers a suggestion for the correct fix.

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The Google API linter does not follow semantic versioning. Semantic versioning is challenging for a tool like a linter because the addition or correction of virtually any rule is "breaking" (in the sense that a file that previously reported no problems may now do so).

Therefore, the version numbers refer to the linter's core interface. In general:

  • Releases with only documentation, chores, dependency upgrades, and/or bugfixes are patch releases.
  • Releases with new rules (or potentially removed rules) are minor releases.
  • Releases with core interface alterations are major releases. This could include changes to the internal Go interface or the CLI user interface.

Note: Releases that increment the Go version will be considered minor.

This is an attempt to follow the spirit of semantic versioning while still being useful.


This software is made available under the Apache 2.0 license.