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Experimental color font builds. Intended to help verify font toolchain builds things that work with consuming tools for COLRv1 (colr gradients spec).

To update the fonts:

  1. Run if the config needs to be updated
  2. Run to generate the font(s) you want to update

Color fonts in the fonts/ folder

The fonts/ folder contains generated COLRv1 (with different glyph shape formats) and OT-SVG fonts for testing and experimentation. The files in this folder follow the following naming convention.

(Glyph set)-(color font format and glyph definition format).(Extension otf or ttf)

The following glyph sets exist:

Glyph set short name Description
noto Full Noto emoji set
noto_handwriting Only the WRITING HAND ✍️ emoji of the Noto Emoji set
noto_flags Only the flag emoji of the Noto emoji set
noto_noflags All but the flags of the Noto emoji set
samples A set of sample glyphs generated from SVG sources
twemoji The set of emoji from the Twitter emoji set
tweomji_smiley Only the smiley emoji from the the Twitter emoji set
more_samples A set of test glyphs generated by the a build script in config/

The following color font and glyph definition formats exist:

Format short name Description
cff2_colr_1 COLRv1 font with CFF2 table contour definitions
cff_colr_1 COLRv1 fotn with CFF table contour definitions
glyf_colr_1 COLRv1 fotn with glyf table contour definitions (TrueType contours)
picosvg OT-SVG font with SVG sources processed through picosvg
picosvgz OT-SVG font with SVG sources processed through picosvg and gzip compressed
untouchedsvg OT-SVG font with SVG source images embeddded as-is
untouchedsvgz OT-SVG font with SVG source images embeddded as-is and gzip compressed

For example, noto-glyf_colr_1.ttf means that this font contains the Noto Emoji full glyph set, contains the glyph definitions in glyf table format (TrueType outlines) and features a COLRv1 table for the color glyphs functionality. noto_flags-picosvgz.ttf contains only the flag glyphs part of the Noto emoji set, the font is an OT-SVG font where SVG source images went through picosvg for optimization and flattening.


  • nanoemoji, compiles a set of picosvg into a color font
  • picosvg, simplifies svgs to use only a small subset of the full spec


Experimental color font builds.







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