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Breakdown of scripts

pulls from spacewalk-remote-utils.noarch as a canonical list from upstream, sorts and and writes to a text file

  • loops through above file and attempts to match a built rpm in the following order:

    - checks for same rpm with gl6 instead of el6
    - checks for same rpm with goose.X where X is 1,2,3
    - checks for release version +1
  • if rpm doesn't exist, it will be written to missing.rpms file

This script does two basic things:

- generates a list of missing packages based upon the list from
- generates a page for each existing RPM with the following::

  - name, summary and sha256sum of the rpm itself
  - the equivalent of rpm -qp --dump RPM - which generates a
    list of each file and its useful values
  - for each binary in the rpm, perform an ldd dump

download and install rpm

name summary requires files

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paths md5/sha type abi on binaries

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ldd symbols?
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