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build: Remove custom file overrides for hash/crc32 package.

By now, the crc32 package makes use of functions implemented
in architecture-specific files. GopherJS ends up taking on the
generic "other architectures" configuration that works when
there isn't an architecture-specific CRC32-IEEE algorithm,
nor an architecture-specific CRC32-C algorithm.

In the future, it's possible hash/crc32 performance can be improved
by doing something architecture-specific, but this will do for now.

Fixes the following build issue for hash/crc32 package:

	$ gopherjs build hash/crc32
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:83:23: undeclared name: archAvailableCastagnoli
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:86:3: undeclared name: archInitCastagnoli
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:87:22: undeclared name: archUpdateCastagnoli
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:107:17: undeclared name: archAvailableIEEE
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:110:3: undeclared name: archInitIEEE
	../../../usr/local/go/src/hash/crc32/crc32.go:111:16: undeclared name: archUpdateIEEE
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1 parent bc37a63 commit 01f15b4eb2fba7c20628a3831e955e1a10962392 @shurcooL shurcooL committed Dec 13, 2016
Showing with 0 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +0 −2 build/build.go
@@ -95,8 +95,6 @@ func importWithSrcDir(path string, srcDir string, mode build.ImportMode, install
pkg.GoFiles = []string{"rand.go", "util.go"}
case "crypto/x509":
pkg.CgoFiles = nil
- case "hash/crc32":
- pkg.GoFiles = []string{"crc32.go", "crc32_generic.go"}
if len(pkg.CgoFiles) > 0 {

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