A Launchy# plugin to access CSV files directly in Launchy
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===A Launchy# plugin to access CSV files directly in Launchy===



You can also code your own actions ! Just implement the Csvy.Action.Interface and drop the DLL in the plugin folder.

1.3.2 [10/09/2012]

  • BUG fix anchor of duplicate icon when resizing main window

1.3.1 [18/05/2012]

  • ENH Actions and Referentials can now be duplicated using the Duplicate button
  • ENH List icons are greyed out if no item is selected
  • ENH Dialog titles now depends on situation
  • BUG Action Designer: Design button doesn't work for IconPath
  • BUG Action Designer: IconPath is not reset to blank when adding a new action
  • BUG Referential list: up and down arrows are not working

1.3 [31/05/2011]

  • ENH Add functions $env,$if,$regex,$json
  • ENH Replaced my self-implementation of a CSV Parser by http://www.codeproject.com/KB/database/CsvReader.aspx
  • ENH Action name can now use %HEADER% tokens and $FUNCTIONs
  • ENH Icon support for Action, Referential items and Referential
  • ENH CSV parser options are now available in the Referential dialog
  • ENH Action Arguments are now split first (using CSV Parser), then replaced
  • ENH Actions with the same name are now allowed
  • ENH Navigation through the CSV content is now possible in the Expression Designer dialog
  • ENH Preview expression with the current item in the Expression designer
  • ENH Windows are always on top only if Launchy is configured to be always on top
  • ENH Double-click on the referential list opens the edit dialog
  • ENH Replacement of Explorer action by Command action
  • ENH Actions can now be developped by anyone by implementing the BaseAction class of Csvy.Action.Interface.dll (Existing actions have been moved to external DLLs)
  • FIX ActionDesigner: Condition textbox was not cleared correctly when showing the dialog
  • FIX Exception when the .csv file had a column called ID
  • FIX %HEADER% tokens were not replaced correctly if the header contained a white space
  • FIX Removed a debug message box when the CSV file could not be read correctly