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Greenmail Plugin for Grails 3

This is a fork of grails greenmail plugin for grails 3.


Add a dependency for the plugin in build.gradle:

dependencies {    
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:greenmail:2.0.0.RC2'    


Provides a wrapper around GreenMail and provides a view that displays sent messages - useful for testing application in the development or test environments.


grails install-plugin greenmail

The plugin assumes that you have some sort of Java mail provider installed (for instance the Grails mail plugin). You need to define a SMTP port for the mock Greenmail SMTP server to start with. Using the Grails Mail plugin, this is as simple as defining the grails.mail.port property in Config.groovy, like this (see the first line in the development and test blocks):

environments {
    production {
        grails.serverURL = ""
    development {
	grails.mail.port = com.icegreen.greenmail.util.ServerSetupTest.SMTP.port
        grails.serverURL = "http://localhost:8080/${appName}"
    test {
	grails.mail.port = com.icegreen.greenmail.util.ServerSetupTest.SMTP.port
        grails.serverURL = "http://localhost:8080/${appName}"

You can also completely disable the plugin by using the config setting grails.plugin.greenmail.disabled = true. For example, to disable greenmail in production:

environments {
    production {

If you need to change the default listening port (1025) you can use the grails.plugin.greenmail.ports.smtp configuration variable. For example:

environments {
    test {
       grails.plugin.greenmail.ports.smtp = 2025

Usage in Integration Tests

The plugin can be used to capture email messages during integration tests. For example:

import com.icegreen.greenmail.util.*

class GreenmailTests extends GroovyTestCase {
    def mailService
    def greenMail

    void testSendMail() {
        Map mail = [message:'hello world', from:'', to:'', subject:'subject']

        mailService.sendMail {
            from mail.from
            subject mail.subject
            body mail.message
        assertEquals(1, greenMail.getReceivedMessages().length)
        def message = greenMail.getReceivedMessages()[0]
        assertEquals(mail.message, GreenMailUtil.getBody(message))
        assertEquals(mail.from, GreenMailUtil.getAddressList(message.from))
        assertEquals(mail.subject, message.subject)

    void tearDown() {

The plugin adds a deleteAllMessages() convenience method to the greenMail bean that deletes all received messages.

Usage in running application

The plugin provides a controller and view to show messages that are sent from the application. Simply browse to http://localhost:8080/greenmail and it will show a list of messages sent. You can click on the show link to view the raw message.


This is a fully functional plugin, though there are some features that I think would be worth adding. Contributions and patches are welcome!

  • Messages sent by the Grails Mail plugin have duplicate "TO:" fields in the raw message and in the address list, for instance if the recipient is, then that email address is listed twice when you retrieve the address list for RecipientType.TO (e.g. GreenMailUtil.getAddressList(message.getRecipients(javax.mail.Message.RecipientType.TO))
  • Ability to view HTML email messages as they appear in a mail client rather than as RAW message.


Adds an in memory SMTP server to grails apps for testing email sending







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